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forlorn hope band promo photography

When my friend and Worship Pastor at church mentioned that he was starting a new band recently, I jumped at the opportunity to do some fun and cool promotional photos for their website, Facebook page and new CD. The band is called Forlorn Hope and they sing about bringing justice to the oppressed. We talked about the concept for the album and images and set about location scouting, settling on a back ally in Rosenberg, TX. I brought in my friend Brian Wagner to help out with the shoot because he’s got a great eye, especially when it comes to band and music photography. I think everyone was pretty happy with the results. The guys in the band are John Cordes, Adam Arnold, Chuck Arnold and Mark Ferow.

Forlorn Hope Music


Forlorn Hope Music

Forlorn Hope Music




These are really just a sampling of lots of different poses and finishes.

And finally, there was one really hilarious outtake, when John’s wife called to ask him to pick something up at the store on the way home.