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bluebonnet portraits, twin girls

Bluebonnet season 2010 has come and gone, and now we just have some beautiful photographs to remember it by.  These twin little girls were just precious in their matching red outfits, surrounded by vivid blue, red and yellow wildflowers at Old Baylor Park in Independence, TX.   It’s amazing that twins could look like night and day from each other, and their mama tells me their personalities are totally unique as well.


amazing twin newborn photoshoot

I absolutely adore photographing newborn babies, so why not double the pleasure? For quite awhile I had been searching for a mama pregnant with twins willing to work with me.  Multiples are so rare and precious, being chosen to capture their first days in this world is nothing short of a privilege.  The surprising thing about my first twin newborn shoot?  It took place in Alexandria, Virginia.  It just so happened that I was traveling there for business in April, and a loyal reader of my husbands’ college football blog, Black Shoe Diaries, had mentioned his wife was due with twins.  I knew they lived in Alexandria so I contacted him about doing a photoshoot and finally fulfilled my dream. 

The boys were five weeks old but had been several weeks premature, so they were still tiny and sleepy.  I brought my friend, Alexis, along as an assistant and baby wrangler, something at which I knew she was highly skilled.  Since it takes quite awhile to get two newborns asleep naked and I had a flight to catch, I didn’t get as many unique poses as I would have liked, but I’m still thrilled with the results.  N and A were simply precious, and their parents exceptionally hospitable.  Thanks, Meg, for the fantastic french toast!




home for the holidays

Last summer I got a call from someone referred by my friend Kristi, whose maternity and newborn shots I did.  Tara was well into what would be her last pregnancy and wanted to capture that special time on film.  Her family had recently relocated to Mumbai, India for her husband’s job but she came home in her third trimester to have the baby.  Well on the day of her scheduled maternity shoot, she ended up heading to the hospital instead and had baby Ryan!  At least I got to do his sweet sweet newborn photos.  A short few weeks later the whole family was back to India until Christmas. 

Fast forward several months and Tara booked a full family portrait session, just two days after the 24 hour flight back to Houston to spend the holidays here.  Twelve hours of time difference made for two extremely jet-lagged kiddos!  But the setting sun gave us gorgeous light for some beautiful photos with the Weatherwax family. Thanks SO very much, Tara and Mike!












one good family

It was a brisk fall morning when I met this fellow Moxie Mom’s family at a local Katy park.  They recently built their dream home out in Sealy, TX, which Carrie assures me is not really that far away from the conveniences of Katy.  Her two little blondies loved visiting with the ducks, but eventually we spontaneously decided to move to another nearby park for a few more shots.  I’m so glad we did, the old white houses and porch swing were a perfect setting for these family portraits. 

Carrie recently started a blog that I think has a great premise, highlighting the good people in our lives to combat all the negativity we see and hear on TV and in the news every day.  Check it out:









celebrating one year

First babies get all the photos, right?  Not necessarily.  I was thrilled with a fellow Moxie Mom of Katy asked me to photograph her younger child, by herself, to celebrate her first birthday.  This fiery redhead was already toddling all over the place and loved to ham it up for the camera.  She has “star” written all over her.  Mom told me she also appreciated some of the more serious, monochrome types of portraits, so the challenge was not getting little C to smile, it was capturing her NOT smiling.  She was truly a happy little girl.  Enjoy!

All photos copyright Sarah B. Hubbell, 2009, All Rights Reserved.  Just because I don’t watermark doesn’t mean you can steal.











two adorable towheads

Summer has kept me VERY busy with photoshoots, so I have several new blogposts in the works.  First I am delighted to share some images of two of the most adorable children I’ve ever met.  Brother and sister are only 15 months apart, both with a wonderful sense of curiousity about the world around them.  Big brother was happy to show me his shades and how “cool” he looked, but little sis was not sure about me at all.  Only the ducks at South Lake Village in Cinco Ranch could make her smile.  That and having daddy throw her up in the air! 

Enjoy the cuteness!













cheeky monkey {Katy Baby Photographer}

This sweet little girl was already four months old when I got to do this super fun photoshoot with her. Her mama had lots of fun ideas and sweet accessories, because Ava is ALL girl. Her chubby little cheeks were absolutely pinchable, and her blue eyes popped in the sunlight of my home studio. We got so many wonderful images from this session, I know her parents will cherish them always.

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