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headshots for social profiles

It’s been much too long since I updated here! One thing I have the pleasure of doing sometimes that I haven’t featured here previously is headshots. People need headshots for all kinds of reasons these days, not just aspiring models and actors. Some are needed for corporate websites and some are just for personal profiles like Facebook or dating sites.

Both of these ladies contacted me for personal photos and both claimed they were terribly unphotogenic. I found that really hard to believe given the inner and outer beauty that came through in our sessions!

First up was Gabriela. She brought a variety of outfits and I made suggestions about what might look nice.

Gabriela Headshots

Gabriela Headshots

Gabriela Headshots

Gabriela Headshots

Next up was Shanthi. She needed both professional and more casual looking photos for various different online uses. She also claimed she had never had a  photo taken of her that she liked, so my challenge was to help her see the beauty that was so plainly obvious to me. I hope I accomplished that with this images!

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forlorn hope band promo photography

When my friend and Worship Pastor at church mentioned that he was starting a new band recently, I jumped at the opportunity to do some fun and cool promotional photos for their website, Facebook page and new CD. The band is called Forlorn Hope and they sing about bringing justice to the oppressed. We talked about the concept for the album and images and set about location scouting, settling on a back ally in Rosenberg, TX. I brought in my friend Brian Wagner to help out with the shoot because he’s got a great eye, especially when it comes to band and music photography. I think everyone was pretty happy with the results. The guys in the band are John Cordes, Adam Arnold, Chuck Arnold and Mark Ferow.

Forlorn Hope Music


Forlorn Hope Music

Forlorn Hope Music




These are really just a sampling of lots of different poses and finishes.

And finally, there was one really hilarious outtake, when John’s wife called to ask him to pick something up at the store on the way home.


Holiday Family Portraits: Katy, TX Photographer

With the holidays nearly upon us, many are wanting the perfect family portrait to use on their annual Christmas or Hanukkah cards. The weather in Katy, TX this time of year is generally perfect for beautiful outdoor location photosessions. Saturday afternoon two weeks ago was no exception.

Capturing this family for the second year in a row was a treat. It’s great when I start to build a relationship with my clients and can easily remember their children’s names. I remarked to the mom what a difference a year made in the ability of their kids (especially the youngest) to actually follow some direction and have patience with me and my camera. Their little girl positively radiated  in front of my lens.

So all those factors combined with spectacular evening light and scenery made for even better results in their family photos than last year. See for yourself.

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Katy TX Family Portraits


Katy TX Family Photographer


Katy TX Photography


bluebonnet portraits, twin girls

Bluebonnet season 2010 has come and gone, and now we just have some beautiful photographs to remember it by.  These twin little girls were just precious in their matching red outfits, surrounded by vivid blue, red and yellow wildflowers at Old Baylor Park in Independence, TX.   It’s amazing that twins could look like night and day from each other, and their mama tells me their personalities are totally unique as well.


home for the holidays

Last summer I got a call from someone referred by my friend Kristi, whose maternity and newborn shots I did.  Tara was well into what would be her last pregnancy and wanted to capture that special time on film.  Her family had recently relocated to Mumbai, India for her husband’s job but she came home in her third trimester to have the baby.  Well on the day of her scheduled maternity shoot, she ended up heading to the hospital instead and had baby Ryan!  At least I got to do his sweet sweet newborn photos.  A short few weeks later the whole family was back to India until Christmas. 

Fast forward several months and Tara booked a full family portrait session, just two days after the 24 hour flight back to Houston to spend the holidays here.  Twelve hours of time difference made for two extremely jet-lagged kiddos!  But the setting sun gave us gorgeous light for some beautiful photos with the Weatherwax family. Thanks SO very much, Tara and Mike!












one good family

It was a brisk fall morning when I met this fellow Moxie Mom’s family at a local Katy park.  They recently built their dream home out in Sealy, TX, which Carrie assures me is not really that far away from the conveniences of Katy.  Her two little blondies loved visiting with the ducks, but eventually we spontaneously decided to move to another nearby park for a few more shots.  I’m so glad we did, the old white houses and porch swing were a perfect setting for these family portraits. 

Carrie recently started a blog that I think has a great premise, highlighting the good people in our lives to combat all the negativity we see and hear on TV and in the news every day.  Check it out:










My friend Sara is not new to motherhood or pregnancy, but she wears it well.  The love she has for her family and her saviour are visibly evident, and she definitely had that maternal glow during this third pregnancy.  I was thrilled to be able to capture that glow during the last few days before baby Toben arrived…she certainly didn’t look ready to give birth any day!  These were shot on a Friday morning and she predicted he would arrive by Wednesday the following week…and Wednesday it was.  I really think that women are most beautiful when they are expecting, even if they don’t feel it.