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headshots for social profiles

It’s been much too long since I updated here! One thing I have the pleasure of doing sometimes that I haven’t featured here previously is headshots. People need headshots for all kinds of reasons these days, not just aspiring models and actors. Some are needed for corporate websites and some are just for personal profiles like Facebook or dating sites.

Both of these ladies contacted me for personal photos and both claimed they were terribly unphotogenic. I found that really hard to believe given the inner and outer beauty that came through in our sessions!

First up was Gabriela. She brought a variety of outfits and I made suggestions about what might look nice.

Gabriela Headshots

Gabriela Headshots

Gabriela Headshots

Gabriela Headshots

Next up was Shanthi. She needed both professional and more casual looking photos for various different online uses. She also claimed she had never had a  photo taken of her that she liked, so my challenge was to help her see the beauty that was so plainly obvious to me. I hope I accomplished that with this images!

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