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amazing twin newborn photoshoot

I absolutely adore photographing newborn babies, so why not double the pleasure? For quite awhile I had been searching for a mama pregnant with twins willing to work with me.  Multiples are so rare and precious, being chosen to capture their first days in this world is nothing short of a privilege.  The surprising thing about my first twin newborn shoot?  It took place in Alexandria, Virginia.  It just so happened that I was traveling there for business in April, and a loyal reader of my husbands’ college football blog, Black Shoe Diaries, had mentioned his wife was due with twins.  I knew they lived in Alexandria so I contacted him about doing a photoshoot and finally fulfilled my dream. 

The boys were five weeks old but had been several weeks premature, so they were still tiny and sleepy.  I brought my friend, Alexis, along as an assistant and baby wrangler, something at which I knew she was highly skilled.  Since it takes quite awhile to get two newborns asleep naked and I had a flight to catch, I didn’t get as many unique poses as I would have liked, but I’m still thrilled with the results.  N and A were simply precious, and their parents exceptionally hospitable.  Thanks, Meg, for the fantastic french toast!