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love is in the house

Portrait photography is a lot of fun, but I also enjoy doing some event photography from time to time. Back in May I met a lovely woman at one event I was capturing who asked for my card and later called to hire me for her own event. Her husband was a pastor at a local church called Lively Hope Missionary Baptist church in nearby Simonton. They were hosting a dinner at the Weston Lakes Country Club in Fulshear in honor of their senior minister who had undergone some major health trials recently and faithfully perservered, shepherding his flock and blessing the Lord all the while. I don’t know the details, but as I understood it, he faced death and God the physician healed him. The evening started out as a normal banquet would, as a calm pleasant evening, but ended up in a spirited, worshipful party of prayer and praise. It was a blessing to me as a witness.

It was also a challenge to photograph, as it took place indoors at night, requiring flash. Ask any experienced photographer and they will tell you that African-american skin and all it’s many tones is difficult to capture correctly. I asked the Lord for help and did my best, and here’s a little video of the resulting images. Click on the photo to see the video.



celebrating one year

First babies get all the photos, right?  Not necessarily.  I was thrilled with a fellow Moxie Mom of Katy asked me to photograph her younger child, by herself, to celebrate her first birthday.  This fiery redhead was already toddling all over the place and loved to ham it up for the camera.  She has “star” written all over her.  Mom told me she also appreciated some of the more serious, monochrome types of portraits, so the challenge was not getting little C to smile, it was capturing her NOT smiling.  She was truly a happy little girl.  Enjoy!

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and now for something a little different

I met Gabriella at the Interactive Strategies Conference in downtown Houston this fall.  The IS Conference was aimed at marketing professionals, but I was very interested in the topics and lucky me, the company Pitch Engine sponsored my ticket to attend.  Gabriella is a talented marketing guru who is newly working as an independent consultant and was interested in learning more about marketing through social media.  When she found out I was a portrait photographer she immediately asked if I could do some headshots.  I told her I hadn’t really done that before, but I was willing to give it my best effort.  It didn’t hurt that I had a beautiful subject to work with!

(As always, all photos are Copyright Sarah B. Hubbell, all rights reserved)